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About Myself

I am a multi-disciplinary mixed media conceptual artist.  My work often touches on themes of beauty, environmental awareness, identity, institutional critique, and memory & forgetting and has been exhibited nationally & has won numerous awards.

I work in a wide range of media to convey my ideas, including assemblage, drawing, fibers, installation, jewelry, painting, performance and video.  I employ a wide array of methods in my artmaking process in order to further blur the distinctions between art and life, exhibit my artworks in unexpected contexts, and engage viewers in direct participation in numerous settings from subverted street projects to formal gallery exhibitions to casual conversations approached artfully.


Much of my art is cathartic in nature, allowing me to both celebrate my joys and vent my grievances, and I find that both personal expression and public communication are vital to my healing process. By showing my art & inviting others to bear witness, I hope to connect, feel less isolated in my thoughts, and explore art as a tool for raising social consciousness across disciplines & ideas.


I prefer to allow myself freedom of expression in approach, media and subject matter, perceiving of myself as a general practitioner in a world where specialization is not only encouraged but often expected. In this practice, I find that I can connect with widely varying individuals, groups, genres, media and techniques, crossing between them as fluidly as possible to explore a sense of interconnectedness in what may otherwise appear as disparate or conflicting.


This fuels a more uninhibited creative process, allowing for openness of interpretation, willingness to take chances, collaboration, and the building of courage needed to confront taboo topics.  I then harness that creative energy, often using alternative media and processes to further explore difficult and loaded subjects, encouraging viewers to question the status quo, look at the world differently, consider possibility and promote discussion.

I want to be remembered…. As someone who focused more on the journey than the destination.  As someone who was not afraid to take risks or push the envelope.  As someone who celebrated diversity in creativity and explored and tried new things, whether or not they were successful.  As someone who genuinely cared about art in all its forms, both as an artist and as a collector.  As someone who strove to make art accessible to people from a variety of walks of life, not just within the institutions (higher education, museums, galleries, etc).  As someone who lived artfully.  As a genuine, honest and sincere person / woman / wife / being.

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